Our collection of sturdy and versatile crampons are the must-have item for any fearless mountaineer. Designed to improve your performance on a variety of climbing disciplines, our range of walking crampons are crafted from stainless steel and are quick to attach.

Walking Crampons for Any Terrain

With our range from expert brand Gravel - which feature 3D stamped frames, forged front points and anti-balling plates - you'll have the freedom to take on new challenges with our walking crampons. Explore challenging inclines, tackle ice or rock surfaces, or go snow-trekking with our innovative changeable crampon systems. Our selection includes binding styles for the front of your shoes, which are easy to adjust when you're on the go. If you're a mountaineer looking for footwear attachments to improve your performance, you'll find everything you need at Cotswold Outdoor. Discover our selection of crampons and benefit from the free UK delivery.