Snow mountains and mist in Antarctica

12 Reasons To Visit Antarctica

From travel writer Lisa Morris and photographer Jason Spafford

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to visit the frozen, remote and vast landscape of Antarctica, here are 12 reasons why you should go and experience it for yourself, from travel writer Lisa Morris and photographer Jason Spafford.

1. Imagine You’re In A Painting When Viewing the Mammoth Vistas Of The Antarctic.

Snow mountains and penguins

2. Carve Through The Ice Whilst You Cruise Through Antarctic Waters, The Purest Place On Earth.

Icebreaker ship towards mountains

3. Get Up Close And Personal With A Gentoo Penguin On The Peninsula.

Penguin of Antarctica

4. Get In The Thick Of It On A Rigid Inflated Boat Off The Cold But Enigmatic Waters Of The Antarctic.

Three rubber boats on icy water

5. Hang Out With A Colony Of Penguins Off The Antarctic Peninsula.

A colony of penguins in Antarctica

6. Paddle Through The Ice From A Sea Kayak And Watch Huge Carvings Of Ice Tumble Into The Water.

A man on a boat among snow and snow mountains

7. Smile At The Penguins While They Shuffle Over The Crunchy Ice.

Two penguins on the snow

8. Visit A British Base And The Penguin Post Office To Learn A Little About The Pioneering History Behind The Purest Place On Earth.

British base and Penguin Post Office in Antarctica

9. Watch The Floating Ice Turn A Fiery Orange Beneath The Incredibly Light Night Skies.

Orange ice beneath Antarctic night skies

10. Watch The Seals, Penguins And Other Beautiful Bird Life From A Sea Kayak.

View of snow Antarctic mountains from a sea kayak

11. Visit An Antarctic Base On The Peninsula.

An Antarctic base with penguins

12. Don’t forget Your GoPro When You Take A Refreshing Plunge Into Antarctic Waters.

A couple in GoPro gear in Antarctica

A couple in GoPro gear in Antarctica


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Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford


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