About Musto

Founded in the UK in 1964, Musto is the world’s number one performance sailing brand and a global leader in outdoor clothing apparel. As the first sailing brand ever to partner with GORE-TEX, Musto sets the bar for innovation on the water, taking insights drawn from the best sailors in the world, who win Olympic medals, circumnavigate the globe, and battle some of the most volatile environments on the planet. The lessons Musto learns out at sea, empower its performance on land, as Musto works with the best fabric technologies on the market to deliver a kit that can handle extreme adventures on solid ground, and lifestyle clothing that delivers both style and substance.


When you wear Musto, it’s more than a product. You’re wearing thousands of hours of experience in the harshest conditions with the best athletes. In the real world and in the lab, Musto pushes its products to their absolute limit, to ensure its customers remain safe, protected, and able to perform at their best in any environment.


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