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About Rab

Browse our handpicked Rab range and discover premium quality outdoor kit specialised for rough mountain terrain and conditions. From GORE-TEX™ and Alpine ECO jackets to Storm gloves and 120l kit bags, Rab specialises in making rugged, high-performance mountain clothing and equipment. Created to give you ultimate freedom, protection, and comfort, they use cutting-edge materials as well as time-tested ones such as premium quality European down. Nothing fancy or over-engineered - just honest, hard-working pieces that you'd rather repair than replace. More than thirty years after their founding, they continue to find inspiration in the untamed spirit of the mountains where we climb and the friendships we forge on the peak, and our enduring mission: to awaken the climber in everyone and equip them for the ascent. Many of our Rab products also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and feature in Cotswold Outdoor’s Our Planet collection.


With Rab clothing, you can immerse yourself in a range that encapsulates unparalleled quality and functionality, designed to empower you during every adventure.  


Discover the pinnacle of protection with Rab jackets. From steadfast Rab waterproof jackets to iconic Rab down jackets, our range ensures that you stay dry, warm, and comfortable in all conditions. The Rab insulated jacket collection is engineered to keep you cosy without compromising on mobility, while the Rab puffer jacket offers superior insulation for colder days. 


Gentlemen, embrace the versatile charm of Rab coats for men. The mens Rab jacket selection boasts durability and style, allowing you to conquer the great outdoors with confidence. For a touch of elegance, explore the sophistication of mens Rab coats, meticulously crafted to withstand rugged terrains. 


Ladies, indulge in the elegance of a Rab womens jacket. From the robust construction of the Rab Microlight Alpine jacket for women, available in extended sizes, to the contemporary charm of a Rab women’s waterproof jacket, each piece is designed to protect you from the elements. 


Rab clothing is not just about functionality; it's about embodying the spirit of exploration. Our mens Rab jackets effortlessly blend performance and style, enabling you to navigate your journeys with ease. 


Experience the essence of excellence with Rab clothing. From the urban streets to the wildest landscapes, our collection ensures you're equipped with the best in outdoor apparel. Be it a Rab Microlight Alpine jacket or a Rab waterproof jacket, find your perfect jacket today. 

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