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Camping Furniture

New to camping? Want to take your kids outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and get their hands dirty out in the woods? There has never been a better time to take the family camping. Family camping is more than just going camping with the kids or dog if you don't have children, it is a mindset. It is about being together, no distractions and enjoying each other's company. It is about playing cards and board games, having a laugh, cooking marshmallows on an open fire, laying out and doing a bit of stargazing. Whether you have no idea where to start or simply want to refresh your gear, we have all the equipment you need to enjoy the great outdoors. Check out our helpful guides below or scroll down to start browsing our fantastic range of family camping tents, sleeping bags, furniture and accessories...


In our collection of camping tables and chairs, you'll find items made from sturdy aluminium with carry handles for easy transportation and storage. Designed with adjustable feet and legs as well as different table heights and seating positions, they're essential pieces of any outdoor kit. It's easy to accommodate large groups or families with our selection of camping tables. We also stock inflatable camping furniture made from flocked PVC that's easy to inflate - they pack down into a small size so you can fit them into your backpack. See our full collection of camping furniture at low prices at Cotswold Outdoor today.

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