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Whether you are living it up at a festival or on a ski tour in the Alps, at some point you will need to take some rest bite from your epic adventure and sleep.  That’s where the sleeping bag comes in. Offering you a warm, comfortable place to lay your head. With brands such as Rab, Mountain Equipment  and Ayacucho we can always provide you with the best sleeping bag, wherever you choose to use it. Checkout out our sleeping bag buying guide to help you find the right bag for you and your adventures.

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Do I need a down or synthetic sleeping bag?

Down filled sleeping bags

The filling of a sleeping bag is as important for the comfort of the sleeping bag as the shape. A down feather filled sleeping bag is generally slightly heavier but warmer than a sleeping bag with synthetic filling.

Synthetic sleeping bags

However, modern sleeping bags filled with synthetic fibres are an excellent and cheaper alternative to down and are better suited for damper conditions as they perform better when wet than traditional down.

Do I need a rectangle or mummy sleeping bag?

Rectangle sleeping bags

The shape of a sleeping bag is decisive for the comfort you experience.  In a rectangle-shaped sleeping bag you can move freely but suited to warmer temperatures (down to around 10°C). A rectangle sleeping bag is not one of the lightest sleeping bags due to its size and use of materials but is designed more for your comfort and less extreme environments.

Mummy sleeping bag

A mummy sleeping bag is precisely close to the body, so you don’t have to heat excess space. Mummies isolate better than rectangular bags and with sufficient filling they are suitable for temperatures down to -40°C.


Regardless of the above, your own heat management is important. Warm up before tucking into your sleeping bag for the night. A sleeping bag, even the thickest, only works when there’s heat to insulate. Try taking a brisk evening walk before bedtime for maximum comfort and the best possible night’s sleep.