Handheld Torches

Cotswold Outdoor stocks a wide range of outdoor and camping supplies including flashlights, from camping flashlights and handheld torches to ultralight backpacking flashlights. With rechargable and LED options, we have you covered.


When choosing the right flashlight torch, there are a few things to consider. If you need one for an outdoor pursuit, you need to decide what shape and size will fit with the rest of your gear. Flashlights offer varying brightness levels and beam distances. Some are water resistant and some have different lighting modes, such as spotlighting and beam lighting. Browse our range to find the right flashlight to suit your activity. Whether you need LED flashlights for hiking or just an emergency torch for your home or car, we’ve got you covered.  Specialist brands like Nite, Ize, Iprotec and Nebo produce robust and reliable torches that can be used in a variety of situations. Available in a selection of sizes, styles and colours, we have something for any occasion.

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