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Whether it's hiking snowy mountainsides in snow boots, hillwalking and fast hiking in approach shoes, or meeting up with friends for a casual stroll and a pub lunch in a pair of walking shoes or lifestyle boots, here at Cotswold Outdoor, we have the footwear you need whatever your adventure.


Outdoor footwear is essential for anyone who loves long adventures out in the elements. Our walking boots and walking shoes collection is specially designed to provide durability, comfort, traction and support on treks and hikes. Built from tough, innovative materials and often outfitted with waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex, women's and men's walking boots and shoes can handle almost any terrain and conditions, leaving you free to focus on the view ahead. Whether you're looking for a new pair of Salomon walking shoes or Adidas walking shoes to wear from the office to the daily dog walk or searching for the perfect pair of Berghaus walking boots or Salomon walking boots for outdoor pursuits, our selection of men's, kid's, and women's walking boots and shoes have something for everyone.


Discover footwear from some of the biggest outdoor performance and adventure brands, including Merrell walking shoes, Meindl walking boots, and Meindl walking shoes made for those everyday hikers and go-getters who take their walks from the countryside into town daily. What are you waiting for? Find your outdoor happy this season.

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