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Snow+Rock Clearance

Take on the chilly conditions with Snow+Rock’s incredible clearance range and discover great prices for all your more brisk adventures . Snow+Rock and Cotswold Outdoor are partnered through their passion and desire to see everyone spend more time outdoors. Snow+Rock’s extensive clearance collection has everything from snow helmets, goggles, and insulated Etip gloves to traction mules, shielded sunglasses, waterproof jackets, thermal base layers, and insulated cargo pants. The range is crafted from premium fabrics and materials and built for innovative insulation, windproofing, and comfort, their selection will keep you warm, dry, and ready for the elements.


Discover clearance deals from top brands, including BolleHelly HansenIcebreakerOakleyPictureRoxy, and The North Face. Many products in our clearance range also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and are available in Cotswold Outdoor’s Our Planet collection. See you at the peak!

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