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Insulation Care Guide

This guide explains how to wash an insulated jacket, and how to care for your insulated garments more effectively so they perform better, for longer.


Looking after your insulated garments properly, with the right care products will help to preserve their insulating properties and water repellency. The steps below will help you to wash, dry and reproof your garment according to its filling, but don’t forget to check the care label on your garment for any specific instructions. 


How to wash a down jacket

Caring for down can be complicated! This step-by -step guide explains how to wash a down jacket, as well as dry and reproof it afterwards.

Washing your down jacket

We highly recommend having down jackets and sleeping bags professionally cleaned, as it is a very technical process which can ruin the garment if done incorrectly.


However, if you do wish to wash your jacket at home, always check the care label to make sure you wash it at the right temperature. Use Nikwax Down Wash or a similar product designed specifically for down jackets.

Drying your down jacket

The best way to dry down is in a tumble dryer. Always check the care label of your jacket for guidance on heat settings.


Regularly check your jacket by removing it from the dryer, shaking it out and pulling the clusters apart every 20 – 30 minutes. Ensure it is totally dry to avoid any clumps, then air out for a few days.


An easy mistake to make is tumble drying your down jacket for until the outer fabric is dry, assuming that the down clusters inside are also dry. When down gets wet, the clusters collapse and form clumps. If left damp, down jackets can be rendered useless and need to be replaced.


Store your jacket uncompressed and do your very best to keep it dry; try to avoid using down in damp environments.

How to wash synthetic jackets

Synthetic jackets require a slightly simpler process and can be treated more like regular clothing. However, always check the care label for instructions.

Washing synthetics

To machine wash your synthetic insulated jacket at home, check the care label to ensure you set the right temperature on the washing machine and use a non-bio detergent with no added fabric softener.

Drying synthetics

Like down jackets, synthetic jackets are best dried in the tumblr drye. Always check the care label for guidance on heat settings, and regularly check the itm by taking it out and shaking it. Ensure the garment is totally dry, then air out for a few days.


To replace DWR (durable water repellency), repeat these washing steps using Nikwax TX Direct wash-in treatment. Doing this will revive your jacket’s water repellency and improve breathability.