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Waterproof Jackets Sale

The Cotswold Outdoor end-of-season sale is now on. Get ready to shop our extensive hand-selected sale range of technical performance waterproof coats, water-repellent jackets, and anoraks and discover fantastic offers on all you need for a season of adventure for less at Cotswold Outdoor.


No matter the weather outside, get out and explore in comfort and style with Cotswold Outdoors’ range of waterproof jackets in the end-of-season sale. Crafted from innovative fabrics and materials such as GORE-TEX™ for exceptional waterproof and breathable performance, our selection of water-repellent jackets is perfect whether you're hiking in the hills, climbing the crag, or escaping the turbulent, unpredictable British weather in your tent back at camp. So what are you waiting for? Shop incredible waterproof protection with the Cotswold Outdoor collection of waterproof 3-in-1s, parkas and insulated jackets for less in the end-of-season winter sale – and discover the joy of getting outside. For ever more deals, why not check out our entire collection of outdoor performance clothing in the Cotswold Outdoor end-of-season sale here?


Knowing the differences and benefits of waterproof and water-resistant (or water-repellent) jackets is essential for optimising your next outdoor adventure. These two features have specific, vital differences that you should always consider when purchasing a new bit of kit. The level of water resistance comes from the fabrics used, such as nylon and polyester. These are tightly woven materials that water struggles to pass through. The extent of the tightness to which these fabrics are woven determines whether a jacket is waterproof or water-resistant. With that in mind, many products in our waterproof jackets sale range also meet one or more of our environmental criteria - including being PFC-Free - and feature in the Cotswold Outdoor Our Planet collection. These jackets are ideal for those who want to protect the outdoors as much as they want to explore it.


So what are you waiting for? Get ready to discover incredible deals from some of our top outdoor jacket and shell brands, including  RabThe North Face, FjällrävenMountain EquipmentPatagoniaAyacucho, and more.

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