5 Reasons To Carry On Camping This Winter

Experience the unique pleasures of winter camping...

Have you ever heard the sound of crisp snowflakes settling on a canvas roof? Seen the stars with unspoilt clarity or felt so warm and cosy inside your tent the storm outside seems miles away?


If you haven’t yet experienced any of these, then pack in the city and pack up your camping kit to escape the madness and head to the mountains for a weekend of unforgettable winter camping. Bring with you your warmest sleeping bag, toughest tent and a sense of adventure up into the hills for one incomparable weekend of peace and quiet.


Wherever your chosen playground is, the plan remains the same. Travel up, book a site or go wild for extra immersion and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about. Here are our top 5 reasons to carry on camping this winter…

1. Experience The Fells In A Different Light

Soak up the breath-taking views by headlamp and silhouette and listen to the birds, whilst hugging a mug of morning coffee and tucking into breakfast made by camp stove.


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2. Fewer Bugs This Time Of Year

There are fewer bugs so you’re less likely to get bitten as it’s too cold for midges to be active at this time of year.

3. Unbeatable Peace And Quiet

On the hills, there are far fewer people, and if you know where you’re going, it’s possible to go days without seeing another soul, even in the busy Lake District. However, there are many places in the UK where you can get to the safety of your vehicle in a few hours, so retreat is a less daunting option than an Antarctic expedition.

4. Conquering The Cold

Part of the thrill of winter camping is combating the cold to ensure victorious warmth, and the battle is easily won if you’re well prepared. The crafty use of a water canteen as a warming hot water bottle, and the placement of a sly hip flask are but a few of the indescribable pleasures of cold weather camping that help one through the night.


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5. Crisp Winter Conditions

While some weekends may be very wet and a hoolie is blowing, other weekends the conditions are perfectly clear and crisp. The mountain weather information service has become fairly good at predicting the forecast a few days prior, so you can plan your trip with your preferred conditions.

With the promise of a quiet day on the hill, a magical night under the stars and fine tasting outdoor food, you might say “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” The answer is devastatingly simple; thoughts of ‘cold, wet and wild’ cloud people’s perception and the resolve to stick to the not so great indoors. Is it time for you to lay waste to your anxieties, put down your smartphone, pick up your rucksack and head towards the hills? Your tent is calling this winter. How will you answer?


Posted By Dan Roach

Keswick Store


Dan has been hiking and camping since he learnt to walk, and after completing the Cumbrian way at the age of seven, he’d compounded a life-long love. Committed to life in the outdoors, Dan now lives in the lake district and works at the Keswick Store where he can climb, camp, run and hike to his heart’s content.