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Camping Kitchen

At Cotswold Outdoor you'll find a full range of camping cooking equipment, everything ready for your next trip into the great outdoors. Including compact stoves and camping stoves, plates, cutlery, camping cooking pans and more from experts brands including CamelBak, MSR, and Jetboil, you'll find it all within our selection.


Our range of outdoor accessories and expedition cooking equipment allows you to be prepared for your next trip into the wilderness with camping kettles in compact sizes for easy travelling - they're made from heat resistant stainless steel and aluminium for safety and practicallity. An essential addition to our camping survival gear selection is compact stoves, which are equipped with a speedy boil time, strong power output, and can be used on all terrains thanks to the innovative non-slip pan supports. With expert backpacking cooking equipment and stoves you can prepare meals easily on any outdoor adventure, whilst our collection of barbecues are perfect for summer evenings at the campsite. Explore the full range of camping cooking equipment and family cooking equipment at Cotswold Outdoor.

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